About Us

Q Biotech Corp was founded in 2022 and located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA.  The company was founded to address unmet need in the modern life sciences research laboratory.  There seem to be proliferation of complex instruments and gadgets in the lab.  We strive to develop simple to use, convenient and interoperable instruments.  Our first instrument -  Incept​um™   protein purification system is a chromatography instrument that utilizes a self-contained cartridge to purify proteins with minimal user interaction. 
Our mission is to develop instruments for life science research and development that make sense, are fun and convenient to use.     
* For researcher - use the latest technology to save time and let you focus on research by reducing time you spend on mundane tasks.    
* For management - reduce R&D cost and make your scientists more productive.  Accelerate the pace of discovery and transition to manufacturing.     

Vision   One day I was discussing experimental data and what to do next with my lab and recurring theme reappeared:  It would be great to have a simple and easy way to purify antibodies without spending too much time on it fiddling with spin columns and BCA assay.    I decided to do something about it and develop an automated protein purification system that is easy, convenient and always available.  There should be a better way than spin columns or a full-blown chromatography system.   This is how the idea for Inceptum™   system ​was born.    Our vision is to continue with the development of convenient, simple to use but high tech instruments for life science R&D.  We strive to provide excellent customer service and become the leader in innovative laboratory equipment.