Our company has expertise in multiple disciplines and can provide a range of services to help advance technology development projects. We work with early stage companies to help them reach the next stage of development and secure funding.

Our team is experienced in both R&D and regulated environments.  We can support your development for cGMP manufacture and assay development under ISO13485 and QSR.  

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Technology assessment: Our team can assess the current state of your project's technology and recommend the most appropriate technologies to use. Business process evaluation: We offer business process evaluation services to identify areas for improvement and recommend changes to increase efficiency and productivity. 
Strategy development: Our team can help develop a strategic plan for your project, including timelines and milestones. 
Science and technology interactions with FDA: We can assist with interactions with the FDA to ensure technical and scientific data communicated effectively. 
Product roadmapping: Our team can develop a product roadmap to help guide the development process and ensure that milestones are met.
Intellectual Property: We will help you develop IP roadmap and identify areas for new IP development.

Rapid technology development 

Proof-of-concept designs and verification: We can help develop proof-of-concept designs to verify the feasibility of a project. 

Early prototype development: Our team can help develop early prototypes to demonstrate the functionality of a product or system.  You will get all expertise necessary for the prototype development in one place.  We do what we preach as well.  A significant portion of the business is the development of our own instruments (see Products). 
Building for success: We offer services to help build a strong foundation for future success, including developing systems and technology appropriate for the stage of company development.

Protein expression

Gene design: Our company offers gene design services to optimize protein expression. Our team of experts can assist in designing custom genes based on the requirements of the protein expression project.
Cloning: We provide cloning services to insert the designed gene into the appropriate expression vector. Our experts can help identify the best vector for your protein expression needs. 
Expression optimization: Our team can optimize protein expression using a variety of techniques to achieve the desired yield and purity.

Purification development 

Affinity tag purification: We offer affinity tag purification services to isolate the protein of interest. Our team can recommend the appropriate affinity tag for the protein and optimize the purification process.
Ion Exchange Chromatography: Our experts can develop and optimize ion exchange chromatography methods to purify proteins based on their charge properties. 
Tandem chromatography: We offer tandem (2 columns) chromatography services to isolate the protein of interest from complex mixtures.  This unique approach combines purification and polishing steps in one run, providing protein in the desired composition without prolonged exposure to unfavorable conditions often used during elution in the first step.
Scalability path: Our team will develop a scalability path to ensure that the purification process can be scaled up as needed.


Our invention “stars” have many patents and applications spanning areas such as biochemistry, immunology, infectious disease, vaccines, in vitro diagnostics, nanomaterials, semiconductors, electronics, plastics, consumer products, medical devices to name a few.  Between the two inventors we have over 40 issued patents and numerous applications in the US and over 100 outside of the US. 

We apply modern invention approaches to solve complex technical problems with protectable IP for our customers.  We strive to provide simple and elegant solutions, the solutions are often ridiculously simple yet extremely effective.  We incorporate features and benefits to product designs that both enhance the user experience and create new areas of patentability.  If you are not 100% satisfied, there is no obligation to pay for our services.