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Inceptum™ purification system

Discover Inceptum™   , the solution for affordable and easy bench-top purification of proteins, RNA, and DNA. Our innovative chromatographic system offers rapid and user-friendly purification, utilizing a disposable cartridge. Setup is a breeze, taking only around 2 minutes to load your sample and initiate the purification process. 


  • Efficiency: Rapid purification process with automated operation saves time and effort. ·
  • Convenience: Easy setup and cleanup with self-contained disposable cartridges. Small bench  footprint (11” x 8” - smaller than a letter page)! ·
  • Customizability: "Open" cartridge option for tailored purifications and compatibility with various  pre-packed or custom columns. · 
  • Scale-up Capability: Ideal for scaling up and transitioning to manufacturing with adjustable flow  rates up to 50 mL/min. ·
  • Control: Complete parameter control through a user-friendly interface and batch protocols. · 
  • Patent Protection: Innovative system protected by two pending patents.

Inceptum™ operates using chromatographic, two-column purification, utilizing chemistries such as affinity, ion-exchange, and Ni-NTA. It can provide gradient elution and exchange your protein or nucleic acid into a convenient buffer during the purification process. The cartridge includes all required reagents, and its design prevents cross-contamination between samples.  In addition to R&D, the "open" cartridge provides continuous scale-up capabilities, with flow rates ranging from a fraction of mL/min to 50 mL/min.    

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Recombinant proteins
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Viral Proteins

HA1 domain of Influenza A haemagglutinin, strain A/Wisconsin/67/2022, H1N1
M1 matrix protein, strain A/Wisconsin/67/2022, H1N1
M2 matrix protein, strain A/Wisconsin/67/2022, H1N1
NS1 protein, strain A/Wisconsin/67/2022, H1N1
SARS-CoV2 reference genome, 3C-like protease
SARS CoV2 Papain-like Protease
SARS CoV2 nucleocapsid (N) protein, genotype XBB.1.5
SARS CoV2 envelope protein (E), genotype XBB.1.5
Ebola Sudan shed GP
HIV-1 capsid p24, strain HXB2
Ebola Zaire VP40
Marburg GP, domain GP2

Cellular Proteins

CD3 epsilon, T-cell surface glycoprotein CD3 epsilon chain
CD8 alpha
CD4 human
CD20 Extracellular domain, human
CD45 extracellular, domains d1-d3

Single chain Antibodies

α-His-tag scFv Alkaline Phosphatase
α-His-tag scFv GFP

Active Enzymes

TEV (Tobaco Etch Virus) protease